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Adverse Weather Arrangement

Adverse Weather Arrangement
Adverse Weather Arrangement
Hong Kong, China Sports Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability / Special Olympics Hong Kong
Adverse Weather Arrangement

Unless special announcement, if the warning signal is still effective within two hours before activity/training, the following arrangements will be adopted:

Weather ConditionSecretariatIndoor ActivityOutdoor ActivityTraining Class
Thunderstorm WarningOpen as normalHeld as normalHeld as normal (1)Held as normal (2)
Amber Rainstorm SignalOpen as normalHeld as normalHeld as normal (1)Held as normal (2)
Red Rainstorm SignalOpen as normalCancelledCancelledCancelled
Black Rainstorm SignalOpen as normal (Signal is hoisted during
working hours)
Closed (Signal is hoisted before working
Tropical Cyclone Signal No.1Open as normalHeld as normalHeld as normaHeld as normal (2)
Tropical Cyclone Signal No.3Open as normalCancelledCancelledCancelled [Except (4)]
Tropical Cyclone Signal No.8 or AboveClosed (3)CancelledCancelledCancelled
  1. Our Association may suspend or cancel the activity if the actual weather condition is adverse.
  2. Train in outdoor swimming pool will be changed to land training.
  3. If Tropical Cyclone Signal No.8 or Above or Black Rainstorm signal is in force till 2pm, secretariat will be closed for the whole day.
  4. Team A of Athletics / Swimming / Table Tennis


i) Coaches should keep close connection with agencies’ teachers (Elementary Training) and parents (Team A / Team B / Team C / New Star / Elementary /Technique Refinement Training Course). For enquiries, please contact our staff at 2161 9500 to seek advice and assistance.

ii) The above is the activity arrangement under adverse weather condition of our association, parents could decide whether their children will participate in
our activity or not according to their children’s individual condition, actual weather and traffic condition etc.